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Tuesday, 21.08.2018, 07:46
Greetings, Guest
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St@t!c_V()1D's tech

OK, finally here, CSD unpacking features as well. I really wanted to complete it by September or October in Beta stage, but Darksider II and Sleeping Dogs changed my plans a bit. So try this out.
Views: 38624 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 18.08.2012 | Comments (81)

Русские посетители сего сайта, рад вам представить перевод субтитров для игры Dear Esther. Чтоб поддержать благое начинание, я и сам присоединился, чтоб принять участие в переводе этой неоднозначной но чарующей своей историей и красотой карт игры. Мне кажется, мы с ребятами постарались на славу. Ссылку на скачивание вы можете найти здесь: http://www.zoneofgames.ru/gamebase/file/4740
или здесь у меня.
Views: 16121 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 17.02.2012 | Comments (3)

Well, there were not many fixes for this version. I don't even know whether it's good (the final stage is coming - less bugs) or bad (I'm not a hardworking person - there're bugs I can't see), but still here it is.

And I also want to warn the users about some antivirus alerts: pack alerts don't depend on the way I compile the exe file, unfortunately. It's about some inner components (such as emulator files and some dlls) that are encrypted and packed so that not to be disassembled and reversed.
Views: 14289 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 12.02.2012 | Comments (30)

So here it goes. I know I'm late and maybe should have released it a week or two earlier, but it wasn't stable that time and, you know, testing and stuff. But here it is now.
Over here.
Views: 12260 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 20.11.2011 | Comments (24)

Quick update: that's it. MW3 decryption keys have appeared on CDR . Grab Phx if you want and haven't yet, update the CDR (if you have trouble, download this and unpack to Phx_Data\Res\bin_ClientRegistry) and go on unpacking. Bear in mind that binaries are missing on the disc, so you'll have to search for missing files on the Internet. I don't have them either. As far as new version of Phoenix, I hope it will be available in a week or two after this post date (yeah, I know that CSS has been updated and on-board emulator is outdated). That's all for now.
Views: 9075 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 08.11.2011 | Comments (52)

Nothing original now. 1.5 Beta 8 is out. This is supposed to be the last or penultimate beta version before RC versions and the final one. Well, I hope so smile .

Some important fixes are of updating CDR and unpacking. Another one is updated RAIN CFM functionality. Make sure to turn off Steam Guard when using it (yes, that's an unfortunate thorn in the ass, but...well, you have a choice)
I remind you that the link is still the same
Views: 29387 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 06.09.2011 | Comments (55)

The new version is out. Nothing more to add this time.
Views: 7441 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 02.08.2011 | Comments (11)

A new beta. Just after Valve introduced some new *.acf and *.manifest files which seems to be funny. Still try enjoying this tiny little crap till September or October biggrin . These are the last few months till the final version.
Views: 5047 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 17.07.2011 | Comments (2)

OK, Portal 2 is out. Some of you might be enjoying it ATM, some of you are not or can not. Actually I fixed some issues with unpacking and added few features. So Portal 2 seems to be protected with CEG so just Phx is not enough unfortunately. But nevertheless if you don't want to waste your traffic, grab the utility wink
Views: 19553 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 20.04.2011 | Comments (16)

Now fixed the Shogun 2 issues. And, ofc, there's a bit more changes than just that biggrin . List of changes and download links are still here .
Views: 9864 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 20.03.2011 | Comments (18)

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