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Monday, 16.07.2018, 13:26
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St@t!c_V()1D's tech

Site Info

It's more of a technical site denoted for sharing some files and projects I have (kinda personal FTP) rather than a discussion or support forum, but, well, "we'll see about that".

The projects running now:

Phoenix - a kind of a swiss knife for a Steam content and stuff to process and launch.
It has some additional features for launching Source and GoldSource games.

Key features:
- Fast detection of Steam content. Supports GCF and NCF content.
- Plugin support (avaiable thru Update Centre).
- LUA scripts support for an advanced customization of Steam content preparation process and for more.
- Skin support (available thru Update Centre). Skins .
- Unpacks Steam backup files (*.SID)
- Can download, make and apply patches for GCF and NCF files (You'll need Steam account to be able to download updates)

Additional (Gold-)Source features are:
- Ability to select specific command line parameters
- Instantly load map or a save for a mod.
- Set audio/video options for a game without launching it.