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Phoenix 1.4 Beta
[ · Download (8,19 Mb) ] 23.05.2010, 22:24
Main changes since version 1.3 beta:

  • Added MacOS content filtration (thanks to Da_FileServer)
  • Solved "MP OB Binaries" and "Source 2007 Binaries" based games preparing and launching
  • Added -noborder, -nointro and -novid Source Engine comandline parameters
  • Fixed a problem when Phoenix could fail to start when launched from some folders
  • Fixed skinization engine problem (at least, it doesn't crash when the DLL is failed to load)
  • Numerous SiD Unpacker fixes and improvements
  • gcfImporter is replaced with Rain.dll functionality (SiD Unpacker)
  • Fixed SourceSDK preparation issues
  • New "Mod Options" and "Program settings" pages
  • Added "Prepare this game" Games list's context menu item
  • GCFeX now saves last accessed extraction destination folder
  • Fixed exe-files launching (with Steam protection), added by Drag'n'Drop
  • Any Steam-protected exe-file can be launched by just dragging and dropping it onto the Phx exe-file or shortcut
  • Added commandline support to launch NCF-based Steam games and exe-files thru Phoenix
  • Fixed commandline support for (Gold-)Source games launching thru Phx ("/mod=" parameter)
  • Now in the NCF-files context menu (if enabled) there's "Launch the game" item, that launches the games associated with the NCF (on condition that NCF-files are in Steam\SteamApps and the game is fully acquired)
  • Fixed Phx Shell extension deregistration
  • Added *install*.vdf script parsing (install.vdf, installscript.vdf, _install.vdf) after the game is unpacked from SID
  • Now if you have several copies of Source or GoldSource games you can choose what copy would you like to launch the mod with.
  • Added LUA scripts processor (aka LUA Pirate KiT)
  • Added steamcooker's GCFImporter analogue (importing files into GCF)
  • Now there're a bit less questions at the first start
  • Probably solved a problem with reading ContentDescriptionRecord on some computer configurartions
  • New API commands
  • A bit changed Main window interface
  • A lot of small bug fixes and improvements
Category: Files | Added by: Stat1c_V01D
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137 lynx09   (10.03.2014 04:45)
The program crashed. W7 Ultimate x86.

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136 maintfint   (29.10.2013 21:57)
Hey,unpacked risen 2 but can't find .exe and all dll's. Whats wrong ?

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134 sfsqvThisisvirus !   (28.08.2013 15:31)
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135 Stat1c_V01D   (28.08.2013 20:57)
Please, read the FAQ before posting the messages like that.

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133 Anti-virus   (06.08.2013 23:22)
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132 SAJID PATEL   (19.02.2013 16:17)
love you admin for this lovely usefull soft....

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130 alykh96   (29.11.2012 23:48)
I have a problem with Hitman absolution there are no SIM files

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131 Stat1c_V01D   (30.11.2012 01:25)
Yep, there're no SIM files now. There's a new format whick is currently not supported by Phoenix. I'm still working on it.

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129 Makss   (17.06.2012 23:19)
senk you css fine game... biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin

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127 Lewis   (07.02.2012 23:02)
Just publish the source code. Someone will take care of the rewriting in a decent way.

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128 Stat1c_V01D   (07.02.2012 23:25)
I'm gonna make the code neat for the 1.6 version myself as for now it's not and it's hard to setup the environment for the source to compile successfully (1.5 requires NSIS, some 3-rd party plugins and Delphi 2010 or XE).
So I'm gonna release 1.5 and then start working on 1.6 that will use newer interface and a more accurate code than now.

I also doubt that anyone will take the needed care of the written code (it's more than 150k lines + plugin sources)

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126 Stat1c_V01D   (07.01.2012 22:02)
Moreover, guys, if you're so afraid of this tool, do the following:

  • Download 7-Zip archiver at and install it
  • Unpack phoenix.exe with it. As you've discovered that this is an NSIS -exe-file (and I also wrote that Phx is an NSIS-based tool in "About this site"), all the files that are in Phoenix.exe will be unpacked and there's no way for me to hide some "malicious" (as you may think) files - all the stuff will be unpacked.
  • Send that stuff file by file or in a commonly used archive format like .zip, .rar or .7z to and see what happens.
  • Then answer me here: are there still 9 out of 43 alerts? Yes, I do know that there are false alerts that may be related to the things I told you, guys, in the previous post.
    In particular, Update Centre's exe file (UpdCentre.exe) uses NSIS' download plugin to (suddenly) download files from - updates to program, emulators and plugins

And you can also check this post at (click on spoiler over there) which introduces some new stuff coming at your heads smile . Yes, it's russian, but you can still see that it has a newer interface which is built entirely in Delphi (no more NSIS here). Yet I will use NSIS (but without UPX) to pack the files because I think NSIS to be one of the best installers - it has tiny overhead and a good lzma compression. Another point to do a new interface and write new and rewrite old functions is to...get the f***** rid of antivirus alerts smile .

Did this post assured you that I'm not the guy that wants your passes and spoils your computers?

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124 Rzr   (07.01.2012 21:42)
Stop telling us "Read the FAQ" Static if you want us to believe you, stop pack your file please , cause generally when we pack file it's to hide something like bad code if you're seeing what i want to say...

So why are packing Phoenix.exe?

your even tring to obfuscate your code:

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125 Stat1c_V01D   (07.01.2012 21:47)
So that the exe-file size is smaller - that's simple. I do admit though that the Revolution emulator's steamclient.dll is encrypted with ASPack which is packer and obfuscator. But the emulator is just a part of a program which is not developed by me. Moreover emulator binaries obfuscation is essential so that cheaters couldn't enter the servers they were banned on. And if it's not obfuscated - someone can steal the code, disassemble it and write a tool which unlocks the ban based on what client-side emulator (steamclient.dll) tells the server.

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