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Phoenix 1.5 RC2
[ · Download (15 Mb) ] 03.10.2010, 18:20
Reverted back 1.5RC2. Sorry, guys, there's nothing interesting for you in 1.6 alpha. I'm now working on a more stable version. Stay tuned.
Category: Files | Added by: Stat1c_V01D
Views: 291130 | Downloads: 568132 | Comments: 532 | Rating: 2.1/357 |
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532 Big   (22.04.2014 02:40)
Nice Thanks .... !!

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531 Rahul   (19.04.2014 22:29)
when I try to unpack mw3 1st .sim file unpacked without problem but in 2nd .sim unpacking stopped in middle and a window pops up saying "phoenix has stopped working"  please help me

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530 mellow   (11.04.2014 21:07)
Hi, whenever i try to download the tool, it only downloads half way through, although the file says i've downloaded 15mb its still corrupted as i cant extract it.

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528 ChrisC   (23.03.2014 02:13)
When will Phoenix support CSD unpacking?
I really need it

Reply A.S.A.P

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527 ChrisC   (23.03.2014 02:13)
When will Phoenix support CSD files?
I really need it man...

Reply A.S.A.P

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529 Stat1c_V01D   (23.03.2014 02:15)
I just can't say as I have wa-a-ay less time than I used to. Too much stuff is going on right now and i have none of it for Phx at this moment, sorry to disappoint you, mate.

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525 sky   (08.03.2014 10:01)
why my phoenix always crashed when i try to update the contentdescrecord thru internet?

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526 Stat1c_V01D   (09.03.2014 01:41)
Valve may have disabled access to that update server by this time as the program has not been updated for quite a long time now.

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524 Avoozl   (16.02.2014 10:00)
Does this program support the Borderlands 2 GOTY edition discs, I can't use steam because of my severely limited net connection, the best I could do is download a crack but I still need an extractor for the discs of course.

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523 HunkDivine   (29.12.2013 22:57)
hey, i bought the batman arkham city GOTY retail disc a few days back and it wont start the installation because the setup exe is corrupted in all my question is there any way to install the game from the disc, if there can you tell me how since i dont want to download 18gb content when i have it ready in 3 disc!

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522 ChrisIT   (07.12.2013 06:14)
Please update soon for Batman Arkham Origins. The retail DVD only contains CSD and CSM files. Please Please Please look into it. Stat1c_V01D , I know you are a lazy guy, and you said it yourself... But man... I need this game without Steam

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521 HellYeah   (23.09.2013 03:31)
I've got a big problem: I launch Phoenix, update it, and then i use the sid unpacker on a Dvd of a game that i bought (but cannot install because i do not have the possibility to download the whole game via Steam). I have already done this with Shogun II and there were no problems. Now the problem is that the file becomes too damn big, a dvd that contains only some Gb now have become an enormous file of 80 Gb!! What can i do

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