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And even more fixes. Seems like I've fixed that error which appeares as you quit the program. The main link stays the same.
If you need a newer Content Description Record (CDR updated on 18.11.10 is in Phx 1.4 b8) but can't update it in a usual way, then download this and unpack to "%Phoenix.exe_folder%\Phx_Data\Res\Bin_ClientRegistry" folder. It's constantly (about once|twice a week) updated.
You can also use CDR Updater plugin that can be downloaded via Phoenix Update Centre.

Good news for those, who would like to play old Source Engine 2004 HL2 and Source Engine 2006-based HL2: Episode One. I've found the reason of why the violet-and-black chess-styled error textures appear and fixed that. So now you can continue enjoying stable and less res ... Read more »

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