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OK, guys, a few more fixes and additions to the program.
And yes, SiD Unpacking is fixed. Enjoy.

And, please, remember: There're no Encryption keys available in Content Description Record till the release date of a certain game. And I mean it. This rule applies to every game on Steam that is preloaded and to be released on a certain date.

Phoenix download links and changes here.

Views: 36355 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 12.03.2011 | Comments (18)

OK, found and fixed some more bugs and added few features. Now a bit more stable. I hope you'll be able to enjoy it =) .

Linx and changes here.

Views: 7354 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 17.02.2011 | Comments (13)

Now, guys, I decided to relaunch the beta test of the Phoenix functionality with the new version as there has been added too much inner stuff as well as "outer".

Now it comes with some features from CF Toolbox and some improvements and fixes as usual. Hope, I can do that more handy by the next versions. This is more to try than to use as, you know, it's beta - there're bugz to be fixed. I just can't think of more ways to get them (bugs), so you help me again to make Phx better ;).

The links are here. Enjoy.

... Read more »

Views: 7396 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 13.02.2011 | Comments (5)

And even more fixes. Seems like I've fixed that error which appeares as you quit the program. The main link stays the same.
If you need a newer Content Description Record (CDR updated on 18.11.10 is in Phx 1.4 b8) but can't update it in a usual way, then download this and unpack to "%Phoenix.exe_folder%\Phx_Data\Res\Bin_ClientRegistry" folder. It's constantly (about once|twice a week) updated.
You can also use CDR Updater plugin that can be downloaded via Phoenix Update Centre.

Good news for those, who would like to play old Source Engine 2004 HL2 and Source Engine 2006-based HL2: Episode One. I've found the reason of why the violet-and-black chess-styled error textures appear and fixed that. So now you can continue enjoying stable and less res ... Read more »

Views: 8748 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 18.11.2010 | Comments (4)

Well, guys, that was my bad about SiD Unpacker. I seem to finally the major issue with unpacking files. Now Civ V and Fallout: New Vegas should unpack properly. I've also added a note in case you try to unpack the game before the release date (in case there are no Encryption keys available). BTW 1.4 beta was unpacking games more perfect than beta 4-6. That's because I updated the CDR reading system.

I still can't reproduce the "MadException" bug when you exit the program. I faced the problem occasionally, but when I try to reproduce it I can't make it appear again wacko .

I'll leave 1.4 beta as it is and will replace current less stable beta links.

Views: 12937 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 07.11.2010 | Comments (32)

I replaced beta 5 link with beta 6. More fixes here. The link is the same as usual.

BTW, I've been warned by the hoster that I proliferate viruses. Well, I just can say that I'm doing my best to escape coding in the way that anti-viruses may seem to be threatening. But that's not only to that. There are some more factors that may lead to such situation...unfortunately.

Views: 5317 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 24.10.2010 | Comments (10)

OK, 100K downloads of the first 1.4 beta from this site...isn't it massive, huh? For me it is, so here's another beta. More fixes and more changes (which will probably bring more bugs that will need to be fixed wacko )

Edit: Sorry, a bit more fixes. Those who downloaded 2-nd beta, please, consider updating to beta 3.

Edit2: And even more fixes. Beta 4, my friends...

Views: 5076 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 03.10.2010 | Comments (1)

So, yeah, I know that I haven't posted any news here for over a year. I didn't do that because even if I released another version of the program I still wasn't sure about how much bugs I left unfixed.

And I am still not sure whether the current release will work flawlessly on any computer and with any game, because I haven't got much time and machines to test it on. And this time I want more people to get involved into testing different features because 1.4 beta seems to be more stable than 1.3 beta even though there're a lot more new features that haven't been tested thoroughly. And one more thing: I think I just haven't released anything more stable since version 1.2.1 (which was 8 months ago)

So, here it is

Views: 31073 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 28.07.2010 | Comments (11)

Phoenix - the ultimate and universal tool for creating no-Steam games out of GCF and NCF, Source and GoldSource modifications support and exclusive features, unpacking *.SID files and A LOT more thanks to the plugins.
Core changes:
    Revamped interface which is more noob-friendly
    Totally reworked installation process
    Added NCF-based games launching
    Numerous bug fixes and improvements

Views: 8032 | Added by: M1ke | Date: 21.05.2009 | Comments (7)

Да, да эгоистично назвал, но все же...другого выхода я не нашел, так что, как говорится "чем богаты".

Пока носит состояние "технического сайта", потом, возможно, изменю на что-нибудь более приличное...
Views: 2274 | Added by: Stat1c_V01D | Date: 16.03.2009

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