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Main » 2010 » October » 23 » Phoenix 1.4 beta 6
Phoenix 1.4 beta 6
I replaced beta 5 link with beta 6. More fixes here. The link is the same as usual.

BTW, I've been warned by the hoster that I proliferate viruses. Well, I just can say that I'm doing my best to escape coding in the way that anti-viruses may seem to be threatening. But that's not only to that. There are some more factors that may lead to such situation...unfortunately.

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9 ψ¬ŁΘŁïΚɛř¬ψ   (07.11.2010 03:19)
Hi Static, hows that possible?


privet v rossiju.

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10 Stat1c_V01D   (07.11.2010 14:32)
Well, it unpacks but only encrypted or zeroed files. Please, wait until the official release date.

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7 Jorik   (05.11.2010 08:19)
Okay. Thnx for tool n replay :)

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6 dsa   (05.11.2010 03:50)
why i see after extract emty files!? 64 bit w7

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8 Stat1c_V01D   (05.11.2010 12:47)
Actually, I don't know wacko . Have you tried the XP compability mode? If it didn't (won't) help, then I should test the app on x64 systems more as I use 32-bit.

Maybe it's somehow connected with the outdated Content Description record. Try updating it via Instruments -> Update ContentDescriptionRecord -> Internet and see what happens.

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4 Jorik   (04.11.2010 17:03)
There are some issuies until unpacking Call of Duty Black Ops

Phoenix "see" file description table correctly, but unpacked files are broken.

I can upload test sim archive if you need. Thanx.

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5 Stat1c_V01D   (05.11.2010 01:30)
There are no Keys to decrypt the data yet. They will be available on the release day. You will have to waut just as others. There's no workaround for this. Bear with it - just wait 4 more days. It's not that far wink

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1 Dark Frost   (01.11.2010 01:35)
Stat1c_V01D Plese Clean Virus
http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/3056 ... lnts2r.png

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2 Stat1c_V01D   (01.11.2010 23:44)
I am trying to do all my best to escape compiling the exe-file without those alerts. They are false positives. There're no viruses in the exe file that is downloaded from the links provided here.
Unfortunately, I can't always predict how this or that antivirus will behave. Thus there are and possibly will be such alerts.

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3 Stat1c_V01D   (03.11.2010 20:03)
OK, rain.dll seems to be fixed, but I'm not sure. Virus Total still says 8 out of 43 antiviruses are on fire. Fail wacko

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