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Main » 2010 » July » 28 » Phoenix 1.4 beta release
Phoenix 1.4 beta release
So, yeah, I know that I haven't posted any news here for over a year. I didn't do that because even if I released another version of the program I still wasn't sure about how much bugs I left unfixed.

And I am still not sure whether the current release will work flawlessly on any computer and with any game, because I haven't got much time and machines to test it on. And this time I want more people to get involved into testing different features because 1.4 beta seems to be more stable than 1.3 beta even though there're a lot more new features that haven't been tested thoroughly. And one more thing: I think I just haven't released anything more stable since version 1.2.1 (which was 8 months ago)

So, here it is

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10 relax   (17.09.2010 01:26)
А блядь на нормальный файлообменник скинуть мозгов не хватило?

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11 Stat1c_V01D   (17.09.2010 13:57)
А что не так? Не нравится прямая ссылка для закачки - ищи по депозитам и летитбитам.

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8 CruelAlloy   (06.09.2010 16:04)
Keeps coming up with an error report when i try to extract the contents of the sid

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9 Stat1c_V01D   (06.09.2010 23:51)
Do you use 64-bit Windows? There's a known problem with unpacking. I'm trying to fix that. Thank you if had sent me the bug report - it'll help me to discover the problem. Seems that I need a 64-bit OS to test the app on -_-

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7 SMKJ   (06.09.2010 07:52)
In regards to Mafia II and registry errors at the end of installation, I read to try using 1.3 beta instead. Great program in general though.

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6 Sax   (25.08.2010 06:09)
Молодец, спасибо!!!

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4 Rra   (24.08.2010 18:07)
How about Windows 7 x64?

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5 Stat1c_V01D   (24.08.2010 19:32)
Well, I know, it works not as perfect as on 32-bit, but XP compatibility mode could help. Most problems come from DLLs that can't work on x64 and I can do nothing about this. I'm trying to replace their functionality with similar ones that I write.

The best solution, I think, would be to rewrite Phx in C\C++ and compile sources in 32 and 64 bit mode. But that's for the future.

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3 LaTiv   (24.08.2010 16:10)
Great Thanks

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2 85art   (24.08.2010 03:27)

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1 Andrik   (16.08.2010 23:00)
так держать

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