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Main » 2011 » February » 17 » Phoenix 1.5 beta 2
Phoenix 1.5 beta 2
OK, found and fixed some more bugs and added few features. Now a bit more stable. I hope you'll be able to enjoy it =) .

Linx and changes here.

Просмотров: 7307 | Добавил: Stat1c_V01D | Рейтинг: 4.8/8
Всего комментариев: 13
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12 SAJID PATEL   (19.02.2013 16:14)
hey hi bro this is awsome tutor i ever seee thnx u lotz for maing this video it;s very helpfull to make to install homefront game....

some problem i had this game i wish to sole you....
the game will be start on screen( mouse sculler don't) click  to single pleyer..only click to multiplier or exit...not click to single player or option line...

please sole it sir i like to play homefront

thnx in advance.......

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13 Stat1c_V01D   (19.02.2013 16:21)
Hello. And first of all, I didn't make any videos on how to use the Phoenix - it's the other users who made it, thank them, not me. As for Homefront - search for more adequate patches than the one you installed as I don't distribute any of that - I'm just producing an unpacker, not patcher.

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11 manuel lara   (28.07.2011 13:13)
biggrin cool happy wink wink wacko

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9 nishu112   (17.03.2011 15:46)
you have to scan the sid file and select all. after that unpack.
then you will success with your Homefront game. smile

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10 Stat1c_V01D   (17.03.2011 15:56)
Actually there're some issues with the beta 2. Use beta 3 to successfully unpack the game.

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8 pacz505   (14.03.2011 00:31)
wtf? ;( i can't unpack homefront.. somebody know why?

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7 tomzgunner   (09.03.2011 10:49)
i've heard the game can extract when the game on steam is release at the release date.. biggrin

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6 tomzgunner   (09.03.2011 10:17)
same problem here, i can't extract homefront cry
hopefully there's something will fix this wink

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5 sunny   (08.03.2011 17:02)
yup me too
homefront extracts full
but all files in its folder are of 0kb
some files are 1kb

so pls continue the nice work,and give us a fix

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3 Pudel   (08.03.2011 07:54)
Same as Jorik. I have 0 bytes files after unpacking Homefront, and i donb't know what to do:(

Thanx annyway:)

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4 Stat1c_V01D   (08.03.2011 17:02)
Unfortunately, there're some problems with unpacking. Please, use 1.4 beta as an alternative. I'm currently busy with implementing a feature to handle updates from cs.rin.ru updates DB. Hope to complete this in few days. Stay tuned. I'll make a post in the news "when it's done" wink

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2 Костя   (07.03.2011 02:41)
аналогично - спасибо большое и что там с Homefront? получил 1,17 кб всего
открывал Сontetn.ncf и Russian.ncf

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1 Jorik   (06.03.2011 22:32)
Hello Stat1c_V01D

Nice work with Phoenix, please continue developing cool

Could you check Homefront game ? I got t 0 bytes files after unpacking.
Is it ContentDescriptionRecord error(keys for unpacking not avaible now) or Phoneix bug ? Thanx.

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