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Tuesday, 20.03.2018, 08:48
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Main » 2011 » November » 20 » Phoenix 1.5 RC1
Phoenix 1.5 RC1
So here it goes. I know I'm late and maybe should have released it a week or two earlier, but it wasn't stable that time and, you know, testing and stuff. But here it is now.
Over here.
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24 alessandrotambienjuega   (15.03.2018 11:39)

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21 green   (19.01.2012 03:09)
hi thanks for this tool but I got this error when trying to unpack The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim:
Unsupported "Registry" entry type string

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22 Stat1c_V01D   (21.01.2012 16:05)
Ignore it. It's nothing dangerous. I've alredy fixed it.

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20 Stat1c_V01D   (09.01.2012 13:43)
Hello, MerolaC!
Nice to hear such words. I wrote in FAQ section that Steam backup files don't contain any information about which GCF versions the content is backed up from. So if user decides to restore that content - newest possible GCFs are downloaded by Steam and outdated or missing things there are replaced and downloaded to "fill the space". If you remember which GCF versions were backed up at that time - you can search for *.mini.gcf of that version or updates to that version (<gcf name>.*_to_<your version>.update.gcf made in CFToolbox or RAIN CF Manager) and fill them in with GCFImporter feature under Instruments that can import those files for you that were unpacked to some directory out of those Steam backup files.

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23 MerolaC   (06.02.2012 23:28)
Thank YOU!

I'm an idiot.
I have read the FAQ but somehow missed the Steam backup section. Now, I have re read it and yep. I missed it.

Now, that's a lot of nice information. Thank you a lot for taking the time to write that up. I will try it.

Thank you and please keep up the awesome work!
Thanks again and again!

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18 Zazz   (25.12.2011 14:27)
This version runs beautifully in Wine!

Ima have to keep this in my Linux gamer's toolbox. Thank you so much for helping us all get around buggy installers!

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19 Stat1c_V01D   (25.12.2011 14:36)
Ah, well, that's great smile .

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16 Wzm   (22.12.2011 01:46)
Will there be another phoenix after RC1?, if there is when will it be released?

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17 Stat1c_V01D   (22.12.2011 01:59)
Sure will! I'm busy right now as I'm a student. But I'll get to it after New Year. It's likely to be due in early February...maybe earlier.

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15 v3rn0n   (08.12.2011 20:53)
Да, с улыбкой гляжу на таких людей, которые с пеной во рту что-то доказывают biggrin ... Прога итак позволяет играть нахаляву, а они ещё и выпендриваются. Оффтоп: жалко, что GreenLuma перестал работать sad

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13 wzm   (05.12.2011 17:34)
Can it also unpack skyrim coz im gonna get it 2day?

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14 Stat1c_V01D   (05.12.2011 21:49)
Yes it can. There likely to be an error at the end of the unpacking process - please, ignore it, the game at that moment will be fully unpacked.

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11 wzm   (04.12.2011 04:54)
Hey, I just want to know if phoenix can also be able to upack saints row the third without any problems?

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12 Stat1c_V01D   (04.12.2011 12:40)
Well, it can. Even if there will be any problems, they're expected to come after the unpacking process, when the game is fully unpacked, so you can just ignore them.

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10 alex-bob   (26.11.2011 18:51)
Do not use this sh** cause virustotal.com said it's virus about 20%
So just upload it to virus total and you will see that i am telling the truth and it is a fuc**** trojan. angry

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5 kurtus116   (22.11.2011 11:12)
hey im faily new to this and im trying to install skyrim using this but everytime i go to unpack it. an error pops up which says unsupported "registry" entry type string

can someone help please not sure how to make it workkk

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6 Stat1c_V01D   (22.11.2011 11:20)
You can ignore this message as the game in that moment is fully unpacked.

I'm now downloading the Skyrim to see why is it so and fix it ASAP.

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7 kurtus116   (22.11.2011 11:24)
oh and do i just install it when its unpacked?

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8 Stat1c_V01D   (22.11.2011 11:27)
"Unpacking" and "installing" here are almost synonims.
"Almost", because the game usually is not operable unless pacthed or added some missing files like exe or dll

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9 kurtus116   (22.11.2011 11:30)
ahh yes i figured it out! haha this is my first time using it..quite simple once you know what to do ha thanks for ya help biggrin

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