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Main » 2012 » February » 12 » Phoenix 1.5 RC2
Phoenix 1.5 RC2
Well, there were not many fixes for this version. I don't even know whether it's good (the final stage is coming - less bugs) or bad (I'm not a hardworking person - there're bugs I can't see), but still here it is.

And I also want to warn the users about some antivirus alerts: pack alerts don't depend on the way I compile the exe file, unfortunately. It's about some inner components (such as emulator files and some dlls) that are encrypted and packed so that not to be disassembled and reversed.
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30 bhabanirao423   (23.11.2016 13:25)
hay guys please give me link of *csd, *csm extractor

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28 cyber_flame   (11.08.2012 18:56)

Update the Phoenix asap to extract csd / csm files.

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29 Stat1c_V01D   (11.08.2012 22:48)
Still working. Stay tuned.

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27 KIKO4LIFE   (07.08.2012 19:21)
Hopefully you'll be able to implement *.csm\*.csd unpacking feature

Waiting c-c

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25 Lucifer_666   (02.08.2012 15:05)
please.please i have a question if you dont mind..now on the web there is a steam version of Sleeping Dogs the game but there are NO .sid/.sim files
ONLY csd cms files..will there be any update when the official game launching time comes out in 14 august?????

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26 Stat1c_V01D   (03.08.2012 01:19)
I'm now working on implementing *.csm\*.csd unpacking features. Hope to release soon.

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22 v3rn0n   (25.05.2012 22:33)
Добрый вечер! Сегодня стал делать копию Red Orchestra 2 посредством встроенной утилиты Steam'а и заметил, что бэкап стал делаться в новом "формате", так сказать... Расширение файлов - *.csd и *.csm, что-то новенькое happy Не сможете подсказать, существует ли метод распаковки данного "новшества"? Наверняка это новый способ бороться с *.sid-анпакером...

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23 Stat1c_V01D   (25.05.2012 22:44)
Заметьте, что и вместо NCF-файлов теперь ACF.
И да, теперь для распаковки *.csm и *.csd файлов однозначно понадобится купленная игра на учётке в Steam...пока я не придумал как обойти эту штуку.

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24 v3rn0n   (05.06.2012 07:43)
Прошу прощения за задержку ответа (работа + ковыряние с Максом Пэйном 3 в Стиме). Файлы *.acf я видал редко, например Ведьмак 2 Стимовский и еще что-то, не помню. Будем надеяться, со временем придумается что-то, а пока будем совать папку steamapps в архивы и так хранить happy

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21 aaron   (20.05.2012 04:19)
HOW SAD NEVERMIND THANKS STAT THANK U for trying to find a proper crack thank keep up the good work

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19 aaron   (19.05.2012 03:48)
stat i have a problem can i have a link for proper crack for my modern warfare 3 plsssssss i hope you grant my request thanks stat ill wait ur response

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20 Stat1c_V01D   (19.05.2012 03:58)
Sorry, Aaron, I don't have any of that. Actually, you might try searching over the Internets a bit harder. Neither I have MW3 installed on my PC, nor I want waiting for it to install just to check whether the crack I've searched for ya is a proper one.

These two weeks are harsh ones. June would be easier to breathe. So no updates for now.

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18 Peter   (11.05.2012 07:31)
Fantastic, I'll keep that email. And honestly, if I had ANY programming talent at all, I'd offer to help. :-P Anything that makes the PC as open as it used to be is awesome in my book.

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15 Peter   (08.05.2012 09:18)
I couldn't find an email address, so I thought I'd ask here:

Some Steam games (like Sonic CD) work like a charm in Phoenix, but the save files can't be loaded or even created, because the game saves in the Steam\userdata\<random numbers> folder. Is there a way to get Phoenix to read these saves?

Other than that, thank you for this project -- I never bought Steam games because I hate DRM so much. Phoenix makes me use my PC for gaming more often.

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17 Stat1c_V01D   (08.05.2012 19:20)
It's "Phoenix" then goes @ and after that "stat1cv01d.com" smile

As far as Saves, I can do nothing on my side as it seems more like an emulator's problem that is responsible for back-end Steam emulation stuff. I'll see what can be done here.

And thank you for your appreciation. It really is the only thing that keeps me doing the projects like this.

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14 Hukumdar   (30.04.2012 19:30)
You sir you are awesome saved me from download 15 gb thank you so much

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16 Stat1c_V01D   (08.05.2012 19:19)
You're welcome wink

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