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Tuesday, 20.03.2018, 08:49
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Main » 2012 » August » 18 » Phoenix 1.6 alpha
Phoenix 1.6 alpha
OK, finally here, CSD unpacking features as well. I really wanted to complete it by September or October in Beta stage, but Darksider II and Sleeping Dogs changed my plans a bit. So try this out.
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80 resistor58   (13.11.2017 01:14)
Thanks for the welcome. I downloaded The Phoenix about 8 years ago. I bought "Orange Box" used at a game store. Had a Steam account and tried to register the games and was denied. Previous owner already did. Well I won using your great program and made Hl2, Episode One, Ep2, and Portal full stand alones without Steam, Thanks to you. I remember back when I found your download, having a lot of negative words like "Your Spreading Virus" Not in any way my friend. Thanks for your hard work, you brought a lot of enjoyment to my days, Steve

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79 arfghie   (05.09.2017 01:35)
but that is the 'Phoenix 1.5 RC2' and the thread is about the 1.6 alpha, isnt it ?

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77 arfghie   (02.09.2017 22:22)
i cant download the alpha 1.6, help ?

78 Stat1c_V01D   (04.09.2017 23:49)
Dude this shit is 5 years old. I really appreciate you are here, but unfortunately this was discontinued and non-relevant now.

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81 captainflintru   (08.12.2017 07:16)
раскопал на старом компе со старым HDD папку с игрой с gcf от 2010 года с эмулятором 1.4 beta) и оно работает!

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75 LerpoX   (27.08.2014 22:08)
как успехи?

76 Stat1c_V01D   (29.08.2014 12:21)
Так себе, откровенно говоря.

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73 Refrost   (09.04.2014 22:56)
smile   hi smile St@t!c_V()1D
content description update ClientRegistry.blob files update on internet not working
please you fix this problem ?  smile

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74 Stat1c_V01D   (10.04.2014 18:40)
Dubbing the message here:
Hello, Refrost. 
It's unlikely that I will fix this problem in any time soon. I'm afraid to say that prjoect was abandoned for a quite a while now. Technologies and stuff of the Steam Network have changed and there are some other ways to get the necessary info. BUT I just don't have time now to do all the things about Phoenix. I do hope to return to the project somewhere in autumn and rewrite some obsolete parts and other stuff.

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72 Stat1c_V01D   (19.12.2013 14:37)
Guys, I wish I could answer something more specific on the updates, but in this period of my life I am not certain to claim anything specific on this topic. I just can't know when I will have free time to finally update Phx.

Я бы хотел вам ответить что-нибудь более конкретное по поводу обновлений, но текущая жизненная ситуация мне не позволяет этого сделать: я просто не знаю, когда у меня будет достаточно времени, чтобы продолжить работу над программой.

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71 NSI   (08.12.2013 07:21)
Any news on 1.6?

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70 Владимир   (22.11.2013 08:38)
Как распаковать торчлайт2

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69 сергей   (20.11.2013 22:17)
скоро ли выйдет 1,6? можно batman arkham origins распаковать без него?

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67 Ruud   (07.09.2013 23:28)
Есть ли информация о след. версии Phoenix, которые мы должны знать?

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68 Stat1c_V01D   (08.09.2013 01:04)
Только то, что она делается. Медленно, т.к. у меня не хватает то времени, то возможностей доделать 1.6, увы. Но делается, будьте уверены.

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